Here at Sentinel Security Group, Inc., our management team, training cadre and security personnel have decades of experience in law enforcement, military, and special operations units in Louisiana. We are on a mission to provide the highest quality security services in the region through elevating the honorable traditions of protecting life, property, and liberty, striving toward business professionalism, and training individual security personnel to reach higher levels of technical ability. We hold our security officers to the highest industry standards, and each are licensed and trained to exceed state and national specifications.
We are not your average security service provider.

Sentinel Security Group, Inc. and its aboutus_image3security partners are able to provide routine, unscheduled, or on demand security services for any individual, asset, or property whether they be commercial, industrial, or private. Ranging from armed escort services, tactical services and patrol services to unarmed guard services, we provide the highest level of security in accordance with your needed function. No matter the circumstance, we give you the ultimate level of security service.



Doug Pierrelee

Instructor_Doug_PierreleeProfessional Experience

  • Retired Louisiana State Trooper
  • 3 years in LSP Patrol
  • 2 years LSP Bureau of Investigations
  • 8 years LSP Public Information Officer
  • 11 years as LSP SWAT Operator
  • 9 years as a Counter Sniper
  • 12 years POST Firearms Instructor
  • Lifetime Triathlete


Pierrelee has spent more than 15 years training law enforcement officers, security guards, and private citizens in how to manage Use of Force encounters within the ethical, moral, and legal rules of engagement. He credits his enthusiasm for scenario-based Use of Force training to the lessons he learned as an LSP SWAT operator, and to the years spent teaching and learning under the talented instructors within the Louisiana State Police, FBI, military, and other great law enforcement agencies around the country. After earning a Bachelors degree in Education from Louisiana Tech and prior to becoming a trooper, Pierrelee taught Physical Science for Louisiana Public Schools.


Shane Sears

Shane_SearsProfessional Experience

  • Retired Louisiana State Trooper
  • 3 years in LSP Patrol
  • 5 years as a K-9 Handler
  • 2 years in LSP Narcotics
  • 1 year in LSP Detectives
  • 6 years as LSP SWAT Operator
  • 5 years as an Explosive Breacher


Sears spent more than 10 years with the State Police during which time he received training by the DEA, FBI, IRS, Explosive Services International, AT Solutions, as well as the US military. Throughout his career as a trooper, Sears served as an officer survival instructor preparing new troopers for managing armed confrontations. After spending years as a SWAT operator and recruit trainer, Sears designs scenario-based training modules for armed private security. Prior to becoming a trooper, Sears earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University where he also played football on an athletic scholarship.


Terry “Joey” Miguez

Miguez-Photo2Professional Experience

  • Retired USAF Security Forces
  • 17 Years USAF SWAT/10 years Non-Commission Officer in Charge
  • 3 Years USAF Tactical Recapture Forces
  • 4 Years Installation Information Security Specialist
  • 6 Years Program Security Manager
  • 5 Years USAF Civilian Security Specialist


Miguez has trained U.S. Air Force’s Tactical Recapture Forces and Emergency Services Team members, as well as numerous civilian SWAT officers in Basic SWAT Operations. He has worked with and trained local, state and federal police agencies. He believes in the philosophy, “Sometimes a teacher, always a student,” and graciously state that he has learned as much from his students as he has from instructors. He is a certified instructor in the following fields: NRA Law Enforcement Pistol and Shotgun, A.L.E.R.T., Anti-terrorism Awareness, Personal Protection Specialist, Defensive Tactics, and Foreign Weapons.


Paul Roussel

Paul_RousselProfessional Experience

  • Retired United States Army – Chief Warrant Officer-4
  • 25 Years as a Combat Helicopter Pilot, Aviation Safety Officer, Flight
    Instructor and Counter-Intelligence Technician
  • Retired Louisiana State Trooper
  • 8 Years in Aviation
  • 7 Years in Patrol
  • 4 Years in LSP Detectives/Intelligence


Roussel has over 40 years of experience with the U.S. Military, Louisiana State Police, Corporate and Private Security, Loss Prevention/Asset Protection, Risk Management and Safety. Throughout his career he has taken his experience and applied it to improve security and loss prevention programs either by instruction or direct management. Roussel served as the Director of Loss Prevention and Safety for Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana for 12 years and has continued to operate in private industry as a security consultant and risk management specialist. He has accumulated over 2000 hours of law enforcement, security, counter intelligence/counter terrorism, interview and interrogation, and safety management training which he eagerly shares with his students within the security industry.