LA AG asked to step in on dine and concealed carry debate

Story By: KSLA, Fred Childers

A controversy is brewing in Louisiana over the carrying of guns into restaurants. Some say it’s legal in Louisiana, others say it’s not. And some believe existing laws on the matter are contradictory.

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has been asked to give an opinion on the matter.

It’s an issue that came to light after House bill 48 was proposed. The law that was shot down sought to make clear that a police officer can lawfully carry their gun into a restaurant. Louisiana State Police have been quoted as saying “No.”

For Shreveport Police, it’s not so clear. “Each case is unique, and we would have to take each case based on their merits,” said Sgt. Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

Some conceal carry instructors say they teach their students that they can carry a gun into a restaurant serves alcohol.

Conceal carry instructor, Doug Pierrelee says “I tell them exactly what the law says, and I define what that establishment is. And I define it the way the law defines it.”

When asked directly, what would happen if a conceal carry permit holder walked into a restaurant with a gun Goodin replied “At this point what we would do if we were called to a situation like that and again, each situation is unique and different. If that officer can’t make a determination if a crime has been committed, he would document the facts in a report and send that forward.”

For now there’s an apparent discrepancy between two existing state laws, RS 14.95.5, and RS 40:1379.3 that govern where a citizen can carry a gun, but an opinion from the AG’s office promises to clear it up.

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