Our LSBPSE, NRA and P.O.S.T. certified instructors administer the required curriculum of instruction for armed and unarmed security officers. Using carefully prepared classroom instruction as well as relevant scenario based training we prepare our students to be familiar with what is expected of a guard legally, ethically, tactically and morally, before they ever stand their first post.

Starting in 2014, the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement has mandated that: all Louisiana P.O.S.T. Law Enforcement Officers will be required to accumulate 20 hours of annual training in the fields of ethics, law, and officer survival. We are authorized to provide such training for departments that are in need of assistance.

Training Curriculum

Sentinel Security Group, Inc. conducts a variety of firearms certification training for our own armed security officers as well as for outside security personnel. The philosophy of Sentinel’s firearm training program is to prepare the student for predicting and avoiding a gunfight; however, in the event a lethal encounter cannot be avoided, the objective is to manage the outcome of a gunfight by winning quickly.

In addition to our Armed Security Services training, our security instructors teach courses for the beginning unarmed security guard to advanced tactical training for armed security teams. Alongside our tactical training programs designed for security professionals, Sentinel also offers a concealed carry course plus a number of rifle, pistol and shotgun courses designed for Law Enforcement and private individuals or groups.

The private security industry, governed by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety through the LSBPSE, requires that any guard who stands a security post undergo a basic orientation to security operations by a board-licensed instructor (AC 401 A.). This basic training includes two eight-hour blocks of instruction covering the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners Professional and Occupational Standards prescribed in LA Administrative Code 46 (403 A.B.C.) and LA Revised Statutes Title 37:3284.

In addition to the training requirements outlined in R.S. 37:3284, armed security officers must successfully complete firearms training and range qualifications by a board-licensed firearms instructor prior to working an armed assignment (AC 405 A.B.C.D.)

PS 108

provides an orientation into the private security industry and defines a desirable skill set for the modern security guard. This course includes:

  • Methods of observation
  • Crime deterrence
  • Report writing
  • General and site specific security duties
  • Customer relations
  • The legal limits within which a guard must conduct himself while protecting life and property.


PS 208

is tailored to prepare the new guard for the most common security assignments:

  • Maintaining post orders
  • Managing confrontations
  • Reducing instances of business interruption
  • Enforcing company policies
  • Controlling access to client property
  • Conducting effective patrols.


All training is conducted at Sentinel Security Group Headquarters in Shreveport, Louisiana. Instructors can travel, however, to accommodate groups preferring site-based training. In addition to certifying newly hired security guards, and annually recertifying active guards, Sentinel Security Group provides certificates of training for the required courses to those seeking employment within the security industry.